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New life to Your Tooth

Root canal treatment is done to save the tooth. whenever the tooth is infected and that infection reaches the living tissue i.e nerve or blood supply of the tooth/teeth, it is always recommended to go for root canal treatment. The infection can spread through the root to underlying bone and lead to abscess/pus formation.

Root canal at Dentafix Panchkula (Dental clinic in Panchkula) Dentafix Chandigarh (Dental clinic in Chandigarh) is done by the skilled doctor and sometime require 2 or more sittings. In certain cases Root canal treatment is done in single sitting only as per situation of the tooth and infection.


  • The infected pulp is removed at the first appointment.
  • Any possible abscesses are to be drained at this time.
  • The root canal is then cleaned and shaped for the filling.
  • A temporary filling is inserted.
  • The tooth is left to settle.
  • The tooth is checked at a later visit.
  • When all infection has cleared the tooth is permanently filled/or crowned.

Why have Root Canal Treatment?

If Root Canal Treatment is not done, the infection will spread and the tooth will need to be removed. Some patients might prefer an extraction. However, we suggest to keep as many natural teeth as possible.

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  • Have experienced and taken many dental treatments in the past. At Dentafix it was very happy n without fear. Dentafix provides you a very healthy and safe services. Would like to recommend dentafix to all. Special thanks to Dr Aman and Dr Priyanka for utmost care and dedication towards their patients.

    - Vijayeta Duggal

  • This is the best dental clinic I've been to so far. Dr.Aman Bhatia and his staff are very professional. They have state of the art equipment. He also has one of the gentlest hands in the industry due to which i lost my phobia to go to the dentist anymore. I'm always satisfied and happy of my treatments at Dentafix Multispecality dental clinic. I highly recommend this clinic especially if you want your teeth taken care of the right way.

    - Sahil Bhatia

  • Amazing experience; got root canal treatment done from Dr. Priyanka. She is a deft doctor who will take extra care of your comfort and smooth treatment. The clinic is equipped with all the modern tools and facilities. Do visit Dentafix to wave a happy goodbye to all your dental problems!!

    - Reet Relhan

  • I have been looking for a special dental clinic for all my dental needs/problems. I tried dental clinics both at Chandigarh and Panchkula. The team of professionals headed by Dr Aman and Dr Priyanka are excellent with all the facilities in both their clinics. I have had the opportunity to get two implants fixed...

    - DharamVeer Singh

  • Never Thought Dental treatment will be so advanced, clean and Hygienic in India, really impressed with the work done by Dr. Bhatia and his team..

    - Narbir Singh

  • Very happy about the treatment. They have got latest equipments​. Thoroughly professional.

    - keya sit